Experiment Safety Review

After proposal approval (see proposal process), the proposal team members ("users") and the FACET and Test Facilities staff continue to evolve the equipment design.
The FACET and Test Facilities staff are instrumental in getting the necessary safety approvals for you.

  • We know how the system works
  • We are part of the system
  • We can do many things for you – If you tell us what you want to do 

This process can be quite fast for “normal” setups. But if you need “more exotic” components (e.g. hazardous gases) will take more time.

We rely on the users to provide additional information as requested including Standard Operating Procedures for the tasks to be performed.

The end point of this evolutionary process is a fully planned experiment that has been sufficiently described and support requirements identified to enable a full evaluation of the impacts of performing the work at the Test Facility. In order to get this work started, we will ask that you complete our Experimental Review document.

The form found at the end of the document is available also as a word document for editing. This should be completed to initiate the safety review discussions with Test Facility staff. Test Facility staff can then help with further documentation that is part of SLAC ES&H.
We may schedule beam time before all safety requirements are fully dealt with if we are convinced that the remaining requirements will be dealt with in time. Therefore scheduled beam time should not be interpreted as an okay (in SLAC terms, "work release") to start installation or any work on site. When you arrive on site for your work, you should always check-in with the facility point of contact for "work release". Work release is granted after the user arrives at the facility.
Work release will be given in two phases: work release for set up (i.e. hardware installation) and work release for beam. Your facility point of contact will tell you the exact person who will give you work release (it is typically the facility point of contact). The person giving you your release will specify the envelope within which you are authorised to work.

Ensure you and your team are fully registered and trained prior to coming on site. Instructions for new registrations, arrival procedures and specific facility details are here.

After the hardware is installed, it will be inspected prior to giving release for beam to ensure that it has been installed correctly.
Note that we recognize that it is impossible to plan every thing before coming on site and often there are changes as the experiment proceeds. Any proposed changes outside of the envelope of authorised work must be communicated to your facility point of contact and approved before they are implemented.

Facility Points of Contact Information
Head of Test Facilities Carsten Hast hast@slac.stanford.edu
Safety Officer Amy Ecclesine amyecc@slac.stanford.edu