Arrival Procedures

First-time Users must first get registered and complete the online training courses prior to arrival at SLAC. Follow the instructions here.

Visitors: If you are just visiting SLAC and are not a user (that is, someone affiliated with an accepted experiment at FACET-II), you need to be invited by a SLAC employee who will arrange the site visit by filling out the site entry request form. ID will be required by the security guards on the Sand Hill Gate.

Please feel free to provide feedback on VUE center experience.

Planning your arrival (first and repeat visits)

Each individual must check that the information in their profile in the User Portal is up-to-date and check that they have completed their assigned training ( If they do not have an account, they must register. 

There are unique requirements for Foreign Nationals. See the VUE center web page for details: Expect delays at the badging office.

The Covid-related instructions on this page assume that you are vaccinated.

Notify your Facility POC and the Test Facilities Manager (Carsten Hast) once you know your travel plans and share the details (arrival date-time, departure date-time). Often the Principal Investigator or single POC for an experiment does this for all participants at once (this is preferred).
The Test Faciltiies Manager will schedule practical training sessions to coincide with your arrival as is necessary. Please organize this directly with the Test Facilities Manager through a single POC per experiment team.

Verify that you have a SLAC windows account and it works to access the health check tool. You will need to use this if you feel unwell with potential covid symptoms when you are at SLAC or if you need to report a close contact with someone that tests positive. (It should also be possible to use the User Portal instead if you have problems with the health check tool- if it does not work for you through User Portal, contact the VUE user check-in support admin for assistance).

Arrival - Picking up your badge and dosimeter

Upon arriving at SLAC, show photo identification to Security at the Main Gate on Sand Hill Road and check-in User Office in the VUE Center ( If you are not a US citizen, you will need to show original passport and visa documents and your CV.

You do not need to prove vaccination status.

Outside of working hours, you can usually get a temporary badge and/or dosimeter at the Main Gate if we have advance notice and have already verified immigration documents and pre-signed the form A. The form A can be accessed here. Send this to the Test Facilities Manager Carsten Hast ( with your expected arrival time. He will send you back the signed copy. Print it off and bring it with you to the Main Gate. You won't be allowed on site without a badge outside of working hours. Note that given how long it can take at badging, Foreign Nationals are advised that they should check in before 4pm. If there is risk of travel delays, you may wish to arrange for after-hours checkin just in case.

Once your training and documentation is verified at the VUE center (building 53), you will be issued a badge and dosimeter.

Masking, Covid Testing and Social Distance after travelling to SLAC

When you arrive on site, please wear a medical mask for the first ten days post-travel. This means surgical masks or better and not cloth masks (alone). Surgical or N95 masks can be provided to you if you don't have any.

Once the ten day period is over, please follow the current policy at SLAC. The masking policy varies depending on the current situation. Note that you may be asked by co-workers to wear a mask at times and you may also feel free to ask others to wear a mask around you. 

Please keep distance (6 ft/ 2 m) from other people to the extent possible in the first ten days. Travellers are encouraged to arrive a week in advance of scheduled tunnel work as this social distance is hard to maintain. Additionally, travellers are encouraged to test on day one and day five after travel. This helps keep eachother safe and fit for science!

Unfortunately users are no longer eligible for testing through the SLAC employee (Color) program. 

Ready to Work

Don't forget to complete the on-site practicals and to get your site orientation before working inside FACET-II. The Test Facilities Manager or designated trainer will be able to give the site orientation and confirm that you are allowed to begin work.


Questions not addressed on this page may be answered in our FAQ.

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