Course AD103

This page is for FACET users. SLAC employees who are not FACET users should view the course description in the course catalog.

Course AD103: FACET Tunnel Hazards Training (Core)

Who Should Attend

This course is mandatory for:

  • This course is mandatory for Experimenters (SLAC employees, users and guests) who access Sector 19-20 tunnel to set up and operate experiments.

This training is NOT mandatory for SLAC employees who are not experimenters (regular SLAC access requirements apply) nor is it mandatory for casual non-experimental visitors who are escorted by a member of the S0-20 and FACET Accelerator Division safety organization.




Take Training


  • Please see the notes section below for information on how to take this training.


Course Details

Length: 1 hours
Retraining: None required
Training Method: Practical
Contact: Name: Seabury, John J.
Email: jseabury@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Notes: To schedule a practical contact: Christine Clarke (email

Practicals are administered as needed at the FACET User Building, Linac Sector 20 North side, Building 244.

Note: Individuals must be Radiological Worker I qualified. Please bring to the practical your SLAC ID badge showing RWT I or RWT II qualification.

A Personal Radiation Dosimeter is required to take this course. Please bring it with you to the training.

The following instructors are qualified to provide this training:
  • Christine Clarke
  • Keith Jobe
  • John Seabury
  • Carsten Hast

FACET Tunnel Hazards Training (NEW material) is at -
Activity Restrictions: Due to the level of the hazard, workers may not undertake the related activity until they have completed this training and if there is a recertification period, must remain current.

Individuals who have not successfully completed Course AD103 may not:
  • Set up or perform experiments in Linac Tunnel Sectors 19-20

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to understand and adhere to:

  • Acronyms and terms used in connection with FACET 
  • Emergency Procedures including egress and Incident Notification
  • Work Planning and Control requirements for FACET 
  • Safe Work requirements including but not limited to
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Training
    • RMMAs/radiation surveys
    • Material handling in and between housing and gallery
    • Storage/staging areas
    • Administrative controls:
      • Three-strikes policy


Course Content

The course is designed to inform and familiarize the experimenter with the special hazards inherent in the FACET experimental tunnel area and the requirements for him/her to gain access to the location for experimentation.

Regulatory Drivers

Revision History

Date Modification
6/7/2011 Course established
6/29/2015 Joe Kenny removed as contact and replaced with John Seabury.